HE BROUGHT HER HEART BACK...* +           Chris/Harrison             TFANA                                      Evan Yionoulis

TROILUS & CRESSIDA *                                 Patroclus                     Public Theater/Delacorte          Daniel Sullivan

TORCH SONG *                                             Arnold/Ed (U/S)            Second Stage                           Moises Kaufman

A SOLDIERS TALE ft. Michael Cerveris         The Soldier                  Carnegie Hall                            Liz Diamond

LOSING TOM PECINKA                                 Janice                          Here Arts Center                       Morgan Gould

+ World Premiere

* NY Times Critics Pick  


GHOSTS (w/ Uma Thurman) Oswald Alving Williamstown Theater Festival Carey Perloff

THE MEMBER OF THE WEDDING                  Jarvis Addams            Williamstown Theater Festival  GT Upchurch   

FATHER COMES HOME FROM THE WARS    Smith                           Yale Rep/ACT San Francisco    Liz Diamond

A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM                   Lysander                      Hartford Stage                          Darko Tresjnak

CLOUD 9                                                       Betty/Edward               Hartford Stage                          Elizabeth Williamson

DEATHTRAP                                                  Clifford                         Berkshire Theatre Festival       Aaron Mark

ARCADIA                                                       Septimus Hodge          Yale Repertory Theatre            James Bundy

DESIGN FOR LIVING                                     Leo Mercure                 Berkshire Theatre Festival        Tom Story

THE CAT AND THE CANARY                        Paul Jones                    Berkshire Theatre Festival        Ethan Heard

AS YOU LIKE IT                                             Jacques                        Shakespeare on the Sound      Claire Kelly

TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA                   Launce                          Shakespeare on the Sound      Claire Kelly

Yale School of DramA          

          HAMLET                                                        Hamlet                         Yale School of Drama                 The Company

PLATONOV                                                   Nikolai                          Yale School of Drama                 Joan MacIntosh

PETER PAN                                                   Hook/Orphan                Yale School of Drama                Dustin Wills

MEASURE FOR MEASURE                            Overdone                      Yale School of Drama                Sara Holdren

BIRD FIRE FLY                                               Finch                             Yale School of Drama                Katie McGerr



Yale School of Drama – MFA Acting – Jerome L. Greene Scholarship

Ron Van Lieu, Walton Wilson, Evan Yionoulis, Peter Francis James.

Fordham College at Lincoln Center – BA in Playwriting


Special Abilities

Puppetry, Living Statue, Percussion, Numerous Dialects, Rollerblading, Swimming, Pogo Stick, New York State Drivers License.


Awards and Nominations

Connecticut Critics Circle Awards 2015 - Best Lead Actor Nomination - Septimus Hodge - Arcadia - Yale Rep

Connecticut Critics Circle Awards 2017 - Best Lead Actor Nomination - Betty/Edward - Cloud 9 - Hartford Stage

Connecticut Critics Circle Awards 2018 - Best Featured Actor Nomination - Smith - Father Comes Home... - Yale Rep