Arcadia @ Yale Rep

"Her handsome tutor, Septimus (Tom Pecinka, in a fine performance), tries to console her, but his own sorrow will be never-ending when part of Sidley Park goes up in flames."

- The New York Times

"Pecinka, a third-year MFA candidate, gives a terrific performance as the cavalier, canny and ultimately tender Septimus."

- Hartford Courant

"Tom Pecinka, who impressed this summer in Noel Coward’s “Design for Living” at the Berkshire Theatre Group in Stockbridge, Mass., further demonstrates his range in the key role as the charming, youthful Septimus, a lanky, self-possessed student on the verge of manhood. Pecinka conveys Septimus’ learning and quick wit, especially as he finds it necessary to extricate himself from a tight situation usually involving someone else’s wife. Pecinka subtly hints at Septimus’ francticness, while remaining remarkably poised and deliciously in control."

- Hartford Examiner

Soldiers Tale @ Carnegie Hall

"Tom Pecinka, the young actor who played the soldier, first came marching onstage with big, rubber-limbed strides, looking boyish and gullible in his uniform, a weighty gear pack on his shoulders."

- The New York Times

"As effective if less splashy, Tom Pecinka brought a steadier, more muscular style to the role of the Soldier...The long pas de deux establishing the pair's meeting of the minds and bodies had the passion and humor of a new love."

- Classicalite

"The role of Joe demands a similar balancing act, albeit one less extreme. For him, the struggle is not between laughable grotesqueness and pure evil—it is between vulnerability and the desperate desire to redeem himself. Pecinka’s Joe shifts between hapless innocence and seduced torpor, without over-committing to either one."

- The New Criterion

Stravinsky’s is a bitter tale with folk roots, about a soldier (played by the convincingly guileless, agile Tom Pecinka) ... Pecinka’s jerky, stiff-legged walk, especially, evokes the marionette theatre, and somehow, the essential purity of his soul.

- Dancetabs

Design for Living @ Berkshire Theatre Festival

"Tom Pecinka and Chris Geary bring off the second-act drunk scene with panache to burn."

- Wall Street Journal

"Tom Pecinka cuts a fine figure as Leo, who comes across initially as a bit of a fool, but as he matures across the timeline of the play, incorporates a growing level of confidence."

- Hartford Examiner

"Pecinka, as an up and coming playwright, is a handsome man who makes Leo both attractive and understandable...He has good breeding, like a fine racehorse, and he can pose with poise."

- The Berkshire Edge

Cat and the Canary @ Berkshire Theatre Festival

"In the midst of all this sturm and drang, there is room for love to bloom and it does so with endearing grace in the hands of Tom Pecinka as Paul, a veterinarian by training, now a garage mechanic by trade, who has fallen -- literally as well as figuratively -- for the gracious Annabelle."

- The Berkshire Eagle

"Bold Paul Jones, another heir, played wonderfully by Tom Pecinka, saves the day, and the night, too."

- History News Network

The entire cast is, in fact, excellent. With Tom Pecinka especially endearing as the shy and fearful but very funny hero who predictably wins the hand of the heiress. of the play.

- Curtain Up

As You Like it @ Shakespeare on the Sound

"Pecinka makes the sour, melancholic, mocking Jaques into someone who feels the darts he himself throws. Amidst surrounding mix-ups, the character's dyspepsia may be a thing of annoyance, but it is his own. Pecinka emphasizes that the character's aloneness feeds off his isolation by others. He even makes the familiar "All the world's a stage" speech sound freshly minted, ending the passage on his knees, separated from fellow roisterers. He is the harbinger of a winter of discontent."

- The Hour